5 Foods to avoid when you are Traveling via Train

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Train is the only means of transportation that allows a comfortable
and relaxing journey. Irrespective of the class you travel, it is always a fun.
Traveling and tasty food is an amazing combination. You can enjoy your journey
by having variety of cuisines and you can taste the flavor of different places,
as your train passes through different states and cities having its own
culinary specialties. You can order food online in train via food ordering app and can double your traveling spirit. But, it is also advisable to choose your food wisely during journey. Here are the varieties of food you should strictly avoid while travelling in train.

Processed Food

Processed foods are easily available. They’re consumed in large amount worldwide. People love to eat these foods especially when they are travelling. Since processed food has high amount of salt and fat content, it can give a negative effect…

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